What Creating My Best Life Means To Each Of Us….

Here’s another “Dear Girls” for my children and for yours.

You’ll learn what the Creating My Best Life Framework is and then you and your children can use it to start creating your best lives today!

What your best lives look like is as unique and different to you and your children as it is to me and mine. The framework is just the starting point. Figuring out specifically what your best life looks like, and then helping your children figure out what their best life looks like is where the important and exciting work begins….

Enjoy the video!


p.s. Dear Girls are journal entries I wrote years ago to my children that I hope will inspire you and your children to design, create and live your best lives!!

p.p.s. The cornerstone of creating your best life, and empowering your children to create theirs, is developing the character trait of gratitude. With gratitude it’s possible to create your best lives. Without it, you never will.

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