My girls and I have been keeping gratitude journals, off and on, for years now. A long time ago, however, I discovered that not all gratitude journals are created equally!

For a gratitude journal to be effective and actually start teaching our kids to be more grateful so they can make gratitude a habit, it has to have several things.

Today, we’re going to address one of those important things which is it has to shape thoughts, words and actions. That means that just writing down three or five or 10 things a day isn’t going to work, at least for very long, when it comes to our kids being more grateful and actually creating the habit of gratitude!

So this week’s super simple and fun tip for bringing more gratitude and happiness into your children’s lives, into your life, and into your home is to make a gratitude journal page. Yes, I realize it’s not an entire journal, but it’s a start, and it shows you how to bring thoughts, words and actions together.

Gratitude Journal Icon with Copyright for FacebookThis week you and your children are going to create one very powerful, yet super simple, gratitude journal page that really works to help you and your children to be more grateful and it’s going to make someone you care about feel great, and hopefully grateful, too!

Tip Summary: You and your children are going to pick one person that you really love, are grateful for and/or appreciate. Then you’re going to put a picture of the person (or the two of you together) on a piece of paper. Next you’ll write down all of the things you love, appreciate and/or are grateful for about the person. Finally, you’ll either send it to them or give it to them!

So be sure to watch the video and then get the super simple, step-by-step directions and some tips for success below!

Step 1 Choose A Person

Choose a person that you really love, appreciate and/or are grateful for.

Step 2 Put Their Picture On A Piece of Paper

Get a piece of paper (preferably 8 1/2″ x 11″ or larger), find a picture of the person or you with the person and tape it on to the page, anywhere you want. If you don’t have an actual picture, no problem, either take one of the person or the two of you together or find one in your photo library and either print it and put in on a piece of paper, or create it on your computer and print it – whatever is easiest for you and your children! This will be the start of your gratitude journal page.

Step 3 Write

Write on your gratitude journal page. Write down (words) all of the things that you love, appreciate and / or are grateful for about that person. Write down how they make you feel and what they mean to you. Keep the gratitude journal page in a place where you will see it this week and keep adding to the list. Make sure to look at the page often and really feel grateful for the person! (thoughts)

Step 4 Give it (action)

At the end of the week, or whenever you feel you’ve added everything there is to add, give or send the page to the person! You can mail it, or take a picture of it and email or text it to them (great for teens and tweens because they love their technology and it’s easy!). Get creative and send it / give it in any way that’s fun, easy and makes sense for you and your children!

Be sure to keep a copy for yourself to look at often and remember to feel grateful for that person!

That’s it, super simple right?!

But remember, knowing it and doing it are two different things. If you want the benefit of this gratitude journal page, and your want your children to get the benefit of it, you have to actually do it!

I hope this tip has served you and now it’s your turn. In the comments below let us know what you think of this tip and the idea that you have to shape thoughts, words and actions if you want your gratitude journal to actually work and start creating the habit of gratitude; to not just be a place to write a list, but to be a powerful tool instead.IMG_1366

Thanks so much for being here, for being a mom (or dad) and for everything you do each and every day to be the best one you can be, and I know it’s a lot! You’re working hard every day to be the best parent you can be and teaching your children to be more grateful, and being more grateful yourself, is one of the most amazing gifts you can give them.

We can have happier and more grateful children.

We can be happier and more grateful ourselves.

We can change the world, one child and one family at a time, starting with our own.

Thanks again and I’ll see you next time!


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