How does it feel when someone does something unexpectedly nice for you? Maybe someone in line let’s you go ahead of them, or someone gives you a heart felt complement or someone holds the door for you. It feels good, right? It makes us feel grateful and appreciative for their simple act of kindness. It doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be meaningful.

“Never underestimate the power of a random act of kindness because even something as simple as a smile can make a day or even change a life.”BLQ Kindness of Words and One Person Zig Ziglar

So this week’s parenting tip for busy moms and dads for getting happier and more grateful children is about performing your own Random Acts of Kindness!

Be sure to watch the video to find out exactly what to do this week with your children. It’s going to be easy and fun and something that they whole family can enjoy doing:

  • To get started brainstorm ideas for the types of Random Acts of Kindness your family can perform this week. You can brainstorm at dinner, before bed, on the way to activities, or any other time that makes sense for your family. Think about simple ways to be kind to others. Don’t forget that Random Acts of Kindness mean as much at home as they do out in the ‘world’!
  • Next, start looking for opportunities to be kind to others. This is all about awareness. When you’re focusing on kindness, and looking for ways to be kind to others, you’ll be surprised how many opportunities arise for doing so.
  • Finally, check in each day and share with one another your Random Acts of Kindness. Talk about how it made you feel to do it, what the other person’s reaction was and how you think it made them feel.

Remember, that especially for children, taking grateful actions, including things like performing Random Acts of Kindness, actually help kids feel more grateful and it starts to create a gratitude circle, or spiral, that makes them not only want to keep showing their gratitude to others, but helps them feel more and more grateful themselves!

BLQ the little things Alexandra StoddardAs always, remember to be the example. If we want our children to practice what we preach, we have to practice what we preach, so make sure to perform your own Random Acts of Kindness this week.

I hope this tip has served you and now it’s your turn. In the comments below let us know what you think of this tip and how you’re going to use it this week. Then, be sure to come back and let us know how it went and what Random Acts of Kindness you and your children performed this week.

Thanks so much for being here, for being a mom or dad, and for everything you do each and every day to be the best one you can be.

We can have happier and more grateful children.

We can be happier and more grateful ourselves.

We can change the world, one child and one family at a time, starting with our own.

Thanks so much for watch and I’ll see you next time!


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