Why You Should Teach Your Children To Love To Learn & How To Do It


Loving to learn is part of creating your best life and it’s part of your children’s.

You don’t always have to love what you’re learning, but loving to learn makes life easier and more exciting, and it makes you more interesting, well-rounded and successful.

Unfortunately for too many of our kids these days, loving to learn isn’t something they would say they do. Schools are so focused on standardized testing and scores that loving to learn is taking a back seat.

But loving to learn will not only make you and your children happier, it will also make them more successful in life – which is what the standardized testing is ‘supposed’ to be all about – but which clearly isn’t doing!

So it’s our job, because no one else will likely do it, to teach our children to develop a love of learning.

Watch the video to learn more about why it’s important and how to actually start doing it!


Hi, Cheri Fogarty here, Founder of Creating My Best Life and Habit Gratitude for Kids where we show you how to get happier and more grateful children and be happier and more grateful yourself. Here’s a best life lesson and thought shaper for you to teach your children. It’s to develop a love of learning, to love to learn. 

The reason this is so important is that no matter what else is going on, no matter what age they are, where they are, or what they’re doing, having a love of learning helps them create their best life.

It helps them shape their best life, create their best life and live their best life because aside from anything else, jobs, family, if you have a love of learning, it opens up so much more in life.QC Love to Learn Quote Cards and Thought Shapers Beach Cheri Fogarty

You can be happy wherever you are whenever you are. You will be inspired to learn more, to do more, to follow your dreams because if you love to learn. Then you want to take the next step. You want to learn more, you want to keep growing as a person and as a human being, which is part of creating your best life, not stagnation.

Embracing change is also about loving to learn because if you love to learn, you’re changing, you’re developing. 

There are all sorts of great benefits of loving to learn, but here’s why it’s your job, our job as parents, to teach this to our children because unfortunately, most of our schools today are not encouraging a love of learning. They’re encouraging standardized testing.

“Wisdom [ ] can be broken down into the strengths of curiosity, love of learning, judgment, originality, social intelligence, and perspective.” Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D., Authentic Happiness

They’re encouraging high grades at all costs so that you can get into a college, not so that you can love to learn what you learn in college, but so that you can get a good job afterwards. But if you have a love of learning, you can still do all of those things. In fact, you’ll be more successful at doing them because you love to learn.

My grandfather instilled in me, and my parents did as well, in fact I had a whole family of learners who loved to learn, but my Grandpa Yager, gave me the best gift anyone has ever given me, ever in my life, which is from a very young age instilled in me and my sisters a love of learning. To this day there’s no greater joy I have in life than learning.

My entire business is centered around learning. Learning to be a better parent.  Learning to teach my kids and others how to be more grateful. The best life lessons and character development, all of that came from my love of learning. It just propels you to the next level. It allows you to do all of those regular things that you need to do in school and after and for a job, but it also brings you so much happiness.

BLL Einsten Quote QC Love to Learn Quote Cards and Thought Shapers JPGLoving to learn is part of creating your best life and it’s something again, as a parent, we need to help instill in our children because too much out there is not encouraging them to have a love of learning, but encouraging them to do other things that’s actually taking away in many cases their love of learning. Standardized testing in schools is not making my kids, which we started this week again, it’s not making my kids love to learn.

It makes them roll their eyes and think, “This is awful because we just had to spend all this time learning this for the standardized test instead of something really exciting and just loving to learn.”

We need to, as parents, take it upon ourselves to encourage and inspire a love of learning in our homes and as always, it starts with us. If you want your children to have a love of learning, you need to have a love of learning.

It will serve you today and for the rest of your life. If you don’t have it, if you do, model it for your children. You know, read books in front of them, it isn’t just reading, there are so many ways to learn now from the internet to television to going out in nature and experimenting, whatever it is. Your kids will have their own ways that they love to learn and let them follow those paths.

Whatever you do, though, encourage and model a love of learning in your home and I know how busy you are, but it’s worth it. I encourage you to model in your home and encourage it in your children. Point it out to them. Talk to them about it and really make sure that they have opportunities in and outside of your home to develop a love of learning.

You will be so glad that you helped them, you’ll be so glad that you remember yourself because remember, a love of learning is part of creating your best life and it’s part of your children creating their best life.

[Note: I always add things after the video if I think of something else, so here it is!

One of the problems with learning in school for many kids is that they aren’t learning things that are interesting to them. This isn’t true for everyone – I loved learning almost anything in school! But as I watch my children and others, I can see a big disconnect from many of the subjects being taught in school and children actually enjoying what they’re learning.

So if you have children who don’t love learning ‘school’ topics, them make sure they have opportunities to learn to love learning things they are interested in.

If your child love animals, find ways to learn more about them, in ways that meet him or her where they are. Whether it’s going to the zoo and reading everything there is on the animals they’re seeing, or watching a show on TV or online that teaches them about the animals they’re interested in – do it.

If they’re interested in bugs, then head outside and look for the different kinds of bugs in your yard and then look them up and ‘learn’ more about them.

The point is, make sure to give your children opportunities to learn about things they love and are actually interested in, not just what and how they learn in school. You don’t need to sit in class and read a textbook or listen to a lecture anymore to learn – the sky is the limit when it comes to information available and the many different ways to get it!

Loving to learn will help your children be happier and more interesting to themselves, and to others!!]

I hope you’ll start today and as always, let me know in the comments below what you think of this. Have you had your whole life a love of learning or is it something you developed later on or is it something you want to do develop?

What about your children? Do they already have this sense? Do they love to learn or are they just going through the motions because that’s what most kids are doing these days? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for watching as always and thank you so much for being a mom or dad and for being the best one you can be.I know it’s a big job, it’s a lot of work and you’re showing your commitment to being the best parent you can be by being here and by learning these best life lessons and character development and teaching them to your children because you realize so much out there is doing the exact opposite, so thank you for your commitment to being the best parent you can be.

Remember, we can have happier, more grateful children. We can be happier, more grateful ourselves and we can and we are changing the worldone child and one family at a time, starting with our own.

Thank you so much for being here and I’ll see you next time.

– Cheri

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Remember, common sense isn’t common practice. Learning something isn’t the same as doing something.

Knowing you need to teach your children to be more grateful, and actually teaching them to be more grateful, are two very different things, especially in the world we live in!

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