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Daily Dinnertime Discussions® (for dinnertime or anytime!)

Take turns asking the Dinnertime Discussion starter each day. Give everyone a chance to answer each question. If someone doesn’t feel like answering that day, it’s okay, just do the best that you can, pay attention and learn from each other. Remember to have fun and enjoy being together!

Why is it important to take responsibility for your choices? Dinnertime Discussions House

Basic questions to ask at dinnertime or anytime:

If your family wants to keep the discussion going after you’ve finished the question for that day, ask any of the following questions, or make up your own, and keep on talking!

How did you take responsibility today?

What did you do today to show others you are responsible?

How can you be responsible & show your responsibility tomorrow?

If you didn’t read this in a previous post it’s something to think about and discuss before doing tonight’s Dinnertime Discussion . . .

Food for Thought:

Before you begin asking questions, briefly explain what responsibility means and how being responsible & taking responsibility is part of creating your best life. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Being responsible means:“Man is fully responsible for his nature and his choices.” – Jean-Paul Sartre

Taking responsibility for yourself.
Taking responsibility for your things.
Taking responsibility for your choices.
Taking responsibility for your thoughts, your words, and your actions.
Taking responsibility for creating your best life!

Best Life Quote ResponsibilityBeing responsible & taking responsibility means that your thoughts, words and actions, your habits and your character are all in line with one another. When they are being responsible which is part of creating your best life!

Being responsible for your things means that you take care of them and put them back where they belong. Taking responsibility for yourself means taking care of yourself, keeping clean, eating right and exercising. Taking responsibility for your choices means that you accept the consequences or outcomes of those choices. Taking responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions means that you think before you speak and act and that you accept the consequences or outcomes of what you say and do.

When you are being responsible & taking responsibility you are creating your best life.

One last note for parents . . . As parents it is our “responsibility” to set an example of being ‘responsible & taking responsibility’ for our children. That means taking care of our things and ourselves. It means taking responsibility for our choices and the consequences that follow. It means taking responsibility for our thoughts, our words, and our actions.Creating My best life logo – thoughts, words, actions, habits, character, destiny, best life

We need to be responsible and take responsibility if we want our children to be responsible and to take responsibility. We have to ‘practice what we preach’ if we expect them to ‘practice what we preach’!

Dinnertime Discussions®: The fun, easy, and creative way to improve family communication and to encourage best life habits like responsibility!



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