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Dream Big today if you want to be happier & more grateful.

Teach your children to Dream Big today if you want them to be happier & more grateful!

Dream Big

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Know everything is possible

Reach for the stars

Know you can

Think the thoughts and take the actions necessary to make your dreams come true

Dream Big!

All of our dreams can come true – if you have the courage to pursue them.

– Walt Disney

Today’s Action Taker:

5-Thought-shapers-at-machu-pichhu copyrightTake a few minutes today and think about all of your dreams and aspirations and then write them down.  That’s all you need to do today.  You don’t need to try to figure out how to make your dreams come true, today you just have to dream them.  Put your list someplace safe and add to it when you think of more dreams. We’ll use this list again, so keep it handy, but safe from ‘dream stealers’.

Remember, you have to dream before your dreams can come true, and if you’re going to dream anyway, then you may as well DREAM BIG!

As a variation of the saying goes, “if you reach for the stars, and hit the moon, you’ve still gone a long way!”


Dream Big today if you want to be happier & more grateful. Teach your children to Dream Big today if you want them to be happier & more grateful!

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