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Want Happier Kids? Teach Them That Everything is Possible!

Thought Shaper & Best Life Lesson:  Everything is possible.

Today, tell your children that Everything is Possible, period.  Tell them that almost everything we use in our lives today, was not too long ago thought to be impossible, or not even thought of to begin with! Tell them that most things are considered ‘impossible’ until someone does them!

Children of all ages need to hear this as often as possible. We all do!BLQ-4-All-possible-Alexander-The-Great-Everything-is-Possible-quotes-and-best-life-lessons-thought-shapers-for-the-creating-my-best-life-blog copyright

When you tell very young children that everything is possible, their eyes light up and they just believe it.  It’s only as they get older that they begin to question this, and it’s our job as parents, to remind them that everything is possible. One simple way to do this is to ask each person, at breakfast, the dinner table, in the car on the way to activities, or before bed, to name as many things as possible that people couldn’t even have imagined 100 years ago – like the internet, cell phones, computers, space shuttles, etc.  This will be fun and will remind them, and us, that everything is possible, that too often we think something is impossible, until someone does it.

Remember, everything seems impossible until someone does it . . .

It’s never to early to start creating your best life, so help your children shape their thoughts and start creating their best life today!

Note for parents . . .

CF 4 across Kate 1 Grateful for my kidsAs parents it is our responsibility to set an example for our children, to let them know that we believe everything is possible. We need to believe everything is possible if we want our children to believe everything is possible. We have to ‘practice what we preach’ if we want our children to ‘practice what we preach!’

“Remember that children mainly learn from what you are, not what you say. Your own practice is always the greatest positive influence. Children need you as a model and example; in that sense, watching you is their practice from very early on. If they see you growing and changing and finding more meaning and joy in your own life . . . [t]hey will want that for themselves, even if they don’t yet grasp the principles involved.” pp.51- 52 The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents, Deepak Chopra

“Ask your children to look for some new quality in themselves or someone else; ask for a stretch of imagination. Invite fantasy, experimentation, openness. If you can be the teacher of this thing only, you will do more for your children’s success than you could by any other means – success is synonymous with grasping opportunities others have passed by.” p. 65

If you’re having a hard time believing everything is possible, stay tuned, we have a lot more information and examples to make anyone believe!

“Where does the idea that everything is possible start? In our imagination . . . ” Cheri Yager FogartyBLL-4-All-possible-Everything-is-Possible-quotes-and-best-life-lessons-thought-shapers-for-the-creating-my-best-life-blog copyright