One of the biggest obstacles to being more grateful, for us and for our children, is just remembering to remember to be grateful.

We’re busy. Our children are busy. We have a lot on our minds and even more on our ‘to do’ lists.

But we know how important gratitude is for our happiness and for our children’s happiness, so we have to take the time, make the effort, and remember to be grateful.

So here’s another simple tool for your gratitude toolbox and it’s also this week’s tip for how to get happier and more grateful children and to be happier and more grateful yourself:

It’s to schedule one or more Gratitude Breaks each day this week.

Know it:

What is a Gratitude Break?

A Gratitude Break is pretty much what is sound like – it’s a break where you’re going to think about things that you’re grateful for.

We’re doing this for several reasons:

  1. It forces us, and our children, to stop and take a minute to be free of all of the busyness and distractions of every day life
  2. It centers us and focuses our thoughts on what we have to be grateful for
  3. During the Gratitude Break we will consciously be choosing feelings of gratitude and happiness, no matter what else is going on around us

This starts training our brain, and our children’s brains, to focus on gratitude and what’s most important.BLQ Eckhart Tolle Gratitude Break JPG

Do it:

How to take a Gratitude Break this week

Schedule one!  If you don’t ‘schedule it’, plan it and/or put it on your ‘to do’ list, there’s a good chance you’ll forget to do it.

So, Step 1

Pick a time that you’ll take your gratitude break (or times if you want to do more than one); help your children pick a time to take theirs

e.g., it could be a ‘homework gratitude break’, right before bed, etc. It might be helpful to do it with them as reinforcement and as a great way to connect

Step 2

Schedule it: Put it on your ‘to do’ list, make a repeating calendar reminder on your phone for the week (and better yet, keep it going after the week is up!) or find some other way to remember to remember to take your Gratitude Break

Step 3

When the alert goes off or you’re reminded it’s time to take a Gratitude Break (however you’ve set it up that works best for you) TAKE THE BREAK!

Remember that knowing it, and doing it, are two very different things. Knowing it’s time to take a Gratitude Break isn’t the same as actually doing it!

Step 4

Spend three (3) minutes or more thinking about things that you’re grateful for. Just let your mind brainstorm. You can just close your eyes and think of things you’re grateful for, write them down, make a video (kids might like this option) or put them in a voice memo. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, what matters is doing it!

That’s it, super simple, right!?

Cheri Fogarty Quote Gratitude Gratitude Break copy JPGNow it’s your turn. In the comments below let us know what time of day you’ll be taking your gratitude break. Will it be right after the kids leave for school, maybe right before they come home, before bed or some other time.

As always, come back after you and your children have done it for a few days and let us know how it went!

Thanks so much for being here, for being a mom or dad and for everything you do each and every day to be the best one you can be.

Remember, we can have happier and more grateful children.

We can be happier and more grateful ourselves.

We can, and we are, changing the world one child and one family at a time, starting with our own.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!


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