Okay, so you want happier & more grateful children, and you want to be happier & more grateful yourself. Well, so do I!

So, here’s the ONE thing you can do this week to get happier and more grateful children: Make a Gratitude Table Cloth.

This is super simple, it’s super fun and it will bring the whole family together!

I know it sound pretty basic, right? But common sense, isn’t always common practice? Have you and your family ever made a Gratitude Table Cloth? Chances are, you haven’t, so in the video I’ll give give some super simple ideas for making your Gratitude Table Cloth.

I’m a busy mom, just like you (or you’re a busy dad!) so I’ve made sure that making the Gratitude Table Cloth is easy – so that’s we’ll all actually follow through and do it!  This video will explain how easy it is.

In today’s video you’ll learn:

1.  How to make a Gratitude Table Cloth: What to use, how to do it, when, etc.

2. What to do with your Gratitude Table Cloth after you’ve made it: Some super simple and fun ideas to keep the gratitude going!

I’m so excited for today’s Weekly Tip because I’ve wanted to do this with my family for so long and this has inspired, motivated and empowered me to finally do it as well!  I’ll be sharing pictures of my Gratitude Table Cloth when we’ve finished it and I hope you’ll share pictures of yours with us!

As always, I’d love to hear from you and your family.

What fun ideas do you have for your Gratitude Table Cloth?

Also, please make sure to come back and share pictures of you, your children and your Gratitude Table Cloths so we can all be inspired and remember that we’re all in this together!

Please add your best tips and ideas directly in the comments below instead of adding a link or URL. Otherwise your comments might trigger our spam filters.

Thank you for everything you do each and every day to be the best mom or dad you can be; and here’s to all of us creating a better world, one child and one family at a time, starting with our own. I’ll see you next time!



Ok – I said I would do it and here are some pictures of the Gratitude Table Cloth I did with my family last night!

Sydney Setting Up: We used Sharpies and some colorful post its just for fun

Sydney Setting Up: We used Sharpies and some colorful Post It notes just for fun

It's starting to fill up!

It’s starting to fill up!

Now it's ready to eat on , keep adding to, and to use this week to remember so many things that we're grateful for . . .

Now it’s ready to eat on, keep adding to, and to use this week to remember so many things that we’re grateful for!

Social Stream: Post pictures of your Gratitude Table Cloth with the #GratitudeTableCloth and it will show up below!

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