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<strong>Cheri Fogarty</strong>
Cheri FogartyFounder, The Habit Gratitude Blueprint™ For Busy Families, Author, How To Get Happier And More Grateful Children In Just 21 Days

Cheri Fogarty is the Founder of Creating My Best Life®, The Habit Gratitude Blueprint™, and The Best Life Blueprint™, where she shows busy parents how to get happier and more grateful children, and to be happier and more grateful themselves.

As creator of numerous products and programs for inspiring, motivating and empowering busy children and families to be happier and more grateful, Cheri is a leading expert on how to teach busy children and families how to create the habit of gratitude in the ‘real world’. Her innovative and fun products and programs include: Habit Gratitude for Kids™, Little Lunchbox Lessons®, Habits in a Box®, Thought Shapers® Cards & Wristbands and Dinnertime Discussions®. Cheri also created the colorful, fun and unique Gratitude Journal for Kids as part of her Habits in a Box® series.

All of her products and programs are designed specifically for today’s busy families and today’s busy moms.

Cheri is also a busy mom herself. She has four children, including two teenage daughters, so she practices what she preaches! Cheri is also a business owner, a former attorney with a top firm in New York City and previously worked for Kodak and IBM.

“Gratitude literally changed my life eight years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I’ve been on a mission ever since to teach my kids to be more grateful and to inspire, motivate and empower other moms and children to be too.   If there is only one thing I could leave for my children, out of all of the best life lessons I’ve taught them, it would be GRATITUDE. It’s my legacy and my dream to help as many busy moms as possible create the habit of gratitude in their homes with their children so we can all have happier and more grateful children and be happier and more grateful ourselves.”

Join me and let’s change the world, one child and one family at a time, starting with our own!


My Busy Family

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My Mission & Goals

My goal is to help you have happier and more grateful children, and to be happier and more grateful yourself, by giving you fun, simple & creative tools you can use in your family no matter how busy you are!

My goal as a parent was to inspire, motivate & empower my own children to be more grateful and happier (and to be more grateful and happier myself), but I couldn’t find anything that worked in the ‘real world’ where families are busier than ever before. There is so much great information out there, the problem is how to remember it and apply it on a daily basis in a meaningful way.  I wanted one of the ‘experts’ to come to come to my house at 6:00 when the kids are exhausted, there’s nothing to make for dinner, we have three overlapping activities and a big 6th grade project due the next day, and someone just threw up, and tell me how to do it!  There is nothing more important than teaching our children the skills necessary to be happier and more grateful, after all, if someone asks you what you want for your children, most of us say “I want them to be happy.”

I created all of my products and tools for me and for my family, and for you and yours to teach gratitude, and happiness in a simple, fun, ‘manageable on a daily basis’ way!

Who is Cheri Fogarty?

Busy mom of four. Entrepreneur / Business Owner. Attorney. Corporate America. Grew up the Seattle area, went to college in Southern California, lived and worked in Manhattan for eight years. Went to law school in DC and then NY. Lived in Connecticut with my family for 14 years and recently moved to the South – hadn’t lived there yet, so why not!  . . .
To change the world one child and one family at a time – starting with my own – by inspiring, motivating & empowering moms and children to be more grateful, happier & to create their best lives.
Give my children roots. Give my children wings. Love them unconditionally. Be the best mom I can be and the best person I can be.
I will help you teach your kids to be happier and more grateful.

You Can Have Happier & More Grateful Children and Be Happier & More Grateful Yourself

No Matter How Busy You Are. I’LL SHOW YOU HOW!

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