Get more grateful children this week with your Gratitude Journal For Kids Question #6


Here’s another Gratitude Journal Question for you and your children to help you all start feeling and being more grateful this week.

It’s simple, it’s fun and it hardly takes any time at all!

So be sure to watch the video and then answer the question!


Hi, Cheri Fogarty here, founder of The Habit Gratitude Blueprint™ For Busy Moms & Families where we show you how to get happier and more grateful children and be happier and more grateful yourself.

And here’s another, super quick, simple and fun Gratitude Journal question for you and for your children – to put in your Great Big Book or Gratitude or your Gratitude Journal or whatever you’re calling it.

The question is: What’s great about their school? What do they love about their school; what do they appreciate and are grateful for?

[You’ll answer it whether your kids are in school or not, if it’s winter or summer or spring break, that’s okay, it doesn’t matter when you’re doing this].QC Gratitude Journal For Kids Question 6 PNG Cheri Fogarty

You can answer the same thing about their school(s) in your gratitude journal.

Maybe you’re like me and have four children in three different schools. What do you like about each of these schools?

While a lot of kids complain about having to go to school, they really should be grateful for the opportunity to go to school. It’s a right in this country, it isn’t just a privilege. There are so many places in the world, especially for young girls, that children would give anything to be able to go to school.

But because it’s a right in our country and we’ve always had it (at least in our lifetime), we don’t necessarily appreciate it. We just expect it and don’t think about the fact that we should appreciate it as we listen to our children complain about having to go to school!

While that may not change, what should change is finding things about school to appreciate and be grateful for.  Maybe it’s a teacher, time with friends or a certain subject that they love. What about their school is special? What about their school are they grateful and appreciative for?

The more they think about it, the more, hopefully find to appreciate and be grateful for. 

Because remember, it’s always about awareness. Human nature (our default), especially for children, is that we take for granted what we’ve always had. If they’ve always been able to go to school, which I’m sure they have, they’re not going to really appreciate it (most kids anyway).

So our job as parents is to steer them into shaping their thoughts and being aware and paying attention and in this case thinking about what they love about their school [and to appreciate and be grateful that they get to go to school, instead of complaining about it and taking it for granted!]

So that’s it. Again, another super simple question. It shouldn’t take much time at all but remember that knowing it, and doing it, are two different things. Common sense isn’t always common practice.

So be sure to do your gratitude journal question entry this week.

And as always, I’d love to see in the comments below / see on Facebook or Pinterest (links below video) pictures of your gratitude journal pages and pictures of your children’s – with their permission of course.

Also, be sure to leave any comments or questions below and I’ll look at those and answer any questions as well.

Now, if you’re ready to teach your children to be more grateful, to go beyond just the gratitude journal and actually learn how to create the habit of gratitude in your home, be sure to check out all of the resources, tips, tools and ideas we have for doing that, in a simple and fun way, that works in the real world busy moms (and dads) live in and that your kids will love doing as much as you’ll love doing – be sure to go over to after the episode, if you’re not already there, and check it out.

Remember, we can have happier and more grateful children, we really can, and we can be happier and more grateful ourselves, no matter how busy we are. 

And we can change the world, one child and one family at a time, that’s the only way to do it, – one child and one family at a time starting with our own.

Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time.

– Cheri

p.s. Watch the video on How To Make a Great Big Book of Gratitude

p.p.s.  Additional Information:

As we always do, as part of our mission to help moms and dads be the best parents they can be, we give you ways to put what you’ve learned into action and ‘do it’.

Remember, common sense isn’t common practice. Learning something isn’t the same as doing something.

Knowing you need to teach your children to be more grateful, and actually teaching them to be more grateful, are two very different things, especially in the world we live in!

So be sure to check out our website is you’re not already there at for all sorts of FREE tips, tools, ideas and strategies for getting more grateful children as well as products and online training programs to teach you step-by-step how to do it.

Or check out or newest online training and coaching program, The Habit Gratitude Blueprint™ For Busy Families: It’s the super simple and fun, step-by-step system for creating the habit of gratitude with your children no matter how busy you are or your family is!

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