Parenting Tips for How to Get More Grateful Children

Taking things for granted is human nature. We take things for granted. Our children take things for granted. When we’ve always had something or someone, then it’s easy to take that person or thing for granted. It’s usually when we lose something that we finally realize just how important it was.

So, this week, we’re going to start overcoming this obstacle to gratitude by taking the time to actually focus on some of the things we usually take for granted.

This week, you and your children are going to pick one thing each day to focus on and be grateful for.

Watch the video below to find out exactly how to do it!

Super Simple Directions

Step 1 Get Ready

Get a piece of paper and pen or pencil. On the left hand side of the paper write “Day 1” with a line next to it, and so on through “Day 7”

Step 2 Get Set

Brainstorm as a family and write down one thing each day that your family will focus on and be grateful for. For example, water, electricity, your car, your house, your town, the country, the internet, the dishwasher, food, grocery stores, etc.

Write down what you’re going to be grateful for as a family for each of the 7 days (write on the lines next to each day from Step 1)

Step 3 Go!

Each day focus on and really think about what you’ve chosen to be grateful for that day. For example, if you’ve decided as a family to be grateful for ‘water’ that day, every time you use water or turn on a faucet, take a moment and really feel grateful for the water


That’s it, super simple, right?

Remember though, as always, knowing it and doing it are two very different things. So to get the benefit of the this week’s tip you and your children need to actually do it!!

Quote Card Cheri Fogarty Grateful living starts with grateful thinking

Also, you can use the Gratitude Reminder Cards that you made last week to help you ‘remember to remember’ to be grateful each day.

I hope this tip has served you and now it’s your turn. In the comments below, please let me know what 7 things you and your family are going to focus on and be grateful for after you’ve brainstormed them. Sharing what we’re grateful for will help all of us remember to bring more gratitude into our homes!

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Thanks so much for being here, for being a mom or dad, and for everything you do each and every day to be the best one you can be; and here’s to all of us, creating a better world, one child and one family at a time, starting with our own.

I’ll see you next time!


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